About Us

Hello, I'm Norah McGuire and welcome to my website, I hope you have a lot of fun here.
My first introduction into quilting came from my maternal Grandma Smith. She pieced together a Sunbonnet Sue and had the Church ladies quilt it. She also started a pansy quilt - all the leaves were appliquéd, using a buttonhole stitch. I still have both of these quilts and cherish the memory of my Grandma who has long since passed from my life.
It wasn't till many years later that I would again be interested in quilting. In 1987, my twin sister wanted me to take a quilting class with her; little did I know where it would lead! I lived in Guelph, worked in Mississauga, she was in Scarborough, and the quilt shop was located in Whitby - "The Olde Silver Thimbler". I had no real desire to quilt - I was a microbiologist working in research for a company that manufactured detergents. I didn't think I would be able to find the time to finish the quilt.

The course consisted of 12 blocks - a Sampler Quilt. The blocks were hand pieced, layered with the batting and backing, then quilted. Once all twelve blocks were finished they were sewed together, from the back. The course taught you to draft pattern pieces, and to do appliqué, sashing, miter corners and quilting.

I can't remember the night the Beginner quilting class was on but I know it was during the week. So off I would go after work, hoping the traffic was not too heavy. We would have a quick bite to eat and away we'd go. I forgot to mention my sister was also 5 months pregnant with her second child.

As I look back on it now, it was a great beginning to the many quilting experiences and journeys I would enjoy. Quilting, I think, gets in your blood. It's when you eat, sleep and dream quilting, that you know you are hooked.

I finished the Sampler quilt during my yearlong sabbatical in Australia and New Zealand. While away I learned Shadow quilting. The quilt shops were not as prevalent as they are today, but I did manage to find a couple to go to.
Once I was back in Canada, my sister and I joined two monthly clubs at the shop where it all started. The clubs were called The Olde Silver Thimblers and Scrap Savers. We belonged for nearly five years and learned a lot of new techniques and had many enjoyable times together. I have pretty well finished all the UFO's I collected over that period. Many have been given as wedding, birthday, or baby quilt presents. For those of you who do not know what UFO's stand for, especially my younger sisters. They are all the unfinished quilts that quilters have stashed away, waiting for their turn to be finished.

During my many years as a quilter, I have belonged to two Quilt guilds - Waterloo County Quilters Guild and Royal City Quilters Guild. I also belong to the Village Quilters, a small group of ladies that meet on Thursday night at the Johnson Center in Hespler.

After my daughter was born I began selling Pfaff sewing machines, until the company was bought by Husquvarna and home based sellers were not wanted.

Many events have happened since those first years of quilting. The business is going great. I have a great selection of fabrics, etc.  If you are looking for a specific fabric,  let me know. I may be able to get it.